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Dorothy and Eileen McKusick
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Dorothy Gerring
Trained by Eileen McKusick and Dr. Sue Morter
I received my certification training for Biofield Tuning from it's founder Eileen McKusick. Dr. Sue Morter trained me in Bio Energetics Synchronization Technique.

These modalities are by far the most efficient at moving obstructions in the flow of your energy field and realigning with your soul's purpose.
34+ Years of Healing Experience

I can help you bring your energy systems and physical body into alignment. Small changes become big outcomes!

Are you ready to experience your full potential? Release anxiety, breathe deeply, and ground in the here and now. You've got this!

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Benefits of Reiki and Sound Healing
Why Choose Us?
Personalized Care

We use your body's input to determine what is the most important work to do.

Focus on Your Goals

Whatever your goals are in health, relationship, finances, or creative expression we align your energy field so you are able to work toward  achieving your goals.

Everything is Energy

Your physical body, your thoughts, your memories are all energy: which means that you can tune to your higher purpose and create change in all your systems.

Projects Completed
Satisfied Clients
Guareented Profit

After a session with Dorothy I feel super alive and happy. I've become more aware of the energy around and within my body. She has opened important new vistas. The work is magic!

Image of Gregory
Gregory Johnson Retired

We had a relationship tuning for our anniversary. It was amazing! We experienced our compassion and love for each other.

Image of Dakota and Crystal
Dakota and Crystal Sims Married Couple

I'm honoured to know and work with Dorothy. She is heartfelt, compassionate, loving and an incredible healer. After a session I feel calm, relaxed and deeply aware of what my next steps are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Image of Wendy
Wendy Brandstatt Dr. of Natural Medicine

Our cats fought for 5 years. Since the relationship tuning they get along better and sometimes they just hang out with each other. One of them has always been a bit crazy - with regular tunings she has really calmed down.

Image of William
William Geyer Woodworker

I feel more open and my body feels better. I can feel the difference in my thoughts and feelings. It feels like you are my energy coach! Thank you!

Image of Sam
Sam Faeder Mindful Sports

I felt completely cared for and honored during Dorothy's treatment. She was extremely attentive, took her time, made adjustments along the way in response to changes in my energy, and listened with an open heart as well as her intuition. I've found that this work helped me clear issues that I've spent years working on in other modalities. She's a wonderful holistic healer - and the best ER doc for a broken heart!

Image of Marta
Marta Napiorkowska Teacher